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Color Experiment : help me plz by RoseDark-SilverWolf Color Experiment : help me plz by RoseDark-SilverWolf
I have been looking up videos on color do's and don'ts. Left is supposed to be do, right is supposed to be don't. Sooooo throw your words at me. How did I do? I know I've got a ways to go but help meeee. What can I do better? Did I go too crazy with things? Could I have left something out? I think the left's base colors could have been brightened juuuuuuuuuuust a tad. (and don't mind the mess of colors at the bottom....) I can't afford to go to school for this so the internet is all that I have. sadface

Drawing (C) Me :iconrosedark-silverwolf:
Character is Random Colors (C) Me :iconrosedark-silverwolf:
Critique by NellisTheCreator NellisTheCreator/critique/1494084856">Mar 24, 2017, 7:34:09 PM
as far as themes or ideas presentation goes, this piece does it's job. it compares two different styles of colouring. this isn't exactly an exciting theme or idea, but that wasn't the goal of this piece from what I understand.

again, this piece wasn't going for originality, it was made to help you learn about colours.

first, linework. your linework on the left one is slightly sketchy, but it's not messy so it turned out pretty nice, on the right it's not as sketchy but it just looks wonky. next. the shading, I personally feel like the left sides shading should be made a little more prominent, the right sides colours are so blinding i'm a little confused as to where the shading is. finally colour~

lets start with the right side, there are too many neon colours, it looks like a casino mascot. on the left side you've toned it down, and believe me it looks way better. however, the left side is not perfect, I recommend the 321 colour technique. this basically means, if you divided the picture into 6 parts, you'd colour 3 parts one colour, 2 parts another colour, and 1 part the last colour.
(you don't have to use 3 colours, but the basic idea remains the same, just harder to achieve) in this case I would of made only eyes green, a bright green for impact, the colour you have is perfect, not blinding, but it still stands out.
the pink and orange are similar enough that you can pretend they are one colour for the 321 technique. I would make the blue a little brighter.
for the 321 technique, colour 3 should be basic, not bright not dull, colour 2 a little duller or brighter depending on what your going for, and colour 1 should stand out from the other two, I usually go brighter for colour 1, because I like bright colours.

this isn't an emotional piece, it's a colour test... I guess I feel proud that you want to learn? eh, that's emotion enough for me.

~overall impression~
Overall I definitely agree that the left side is better, by far, your colour choices look very appealing, and it's a very bright friendly colour scheme. my only extra bit of advice is making the left side a little brighter.
What do you think?
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Critique by CraftedDusk CraftedDusk/critique/1494649671">Mar 26, 2017, 3:09:00 PM
mneh i like what you did, showing your color schemes and whatnot, but it's not really meant to be a super complex piece or anything

but just for the pure sake of what you're doing i'm only gonna talk about that basically. on the right, the character actually pops a slightly bit more, just the green and blue are the only ones i would change a little. maybe make those something inbetween your left and right, but everything else on the right is fine. however, the one of the left, while the linework is arguably better, your character's fur looks more like peanut butter. the character is based around these random colors, so don't be afraid to make them bright, just don't make them eyebleeding. so, i think a combination of those two would be the best option for this character specifically, seeing that their whole theme is bright colors.

What do you think?
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